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IM263: Circuit emetteur-récepteur à haute sensibilité pour système ISM à bande étroite
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Product Description ____________________

IM263 is a fully integrated transceiver designed for low power wireless application and for secured radio communications. It operates in the license-free ISM band :433MHz and 868-870 MHz in most European countries and 902-928 MHz in United States. IM263 is based on a half duplex bi-directional communication, especially suited for narrow band systems and complying with EN 300 220 . It includes an I-Q architecture receiver to reduce Antenna filtering constraint and require no external RF components . Main operating parameters are programmed by a serial SPI interface making the IM259 an easy–to-use transceiver. 

Features ____________________________

· Fully Monolithic Integrated Receiver
· Supports the European 433MHz ISM band
· Fully monolithic integrated SRD transceiver for ISM Band
· Multiband Transceiver : 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz
· No external RF components, integrated IF Filter
· Tuning step down to 10kHz
· Data rate up to 20 kbps
· High Sensitivity: –120dBm at 20kbps
· p/4 DQPSK data modulation/demodulation supported
· High immunity to interferers: Frequency-Hoping Spread Spectrum method supported
· Digital RSSI and carrier sense indicator
· Real-time programmable frequency and Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) make crystal temperature drift compensation possible without TCXO
· Full operating control via SPI bus ( data-rate, modes, output power and modulation type)
· Integrated PLL and VCO
· Low current consumption
· Supply voltage: 2.7 to 3.3V
· Technology : BiCmos 0,35µm

Applications __________________________
·  Narrow-band low power UHF wireless data transceiver
·  433 / 868 / 915 MHz ISM band systems
·  Wireless alarm and security system
·  Home automation
·  Low power telemetry
·  Remote control

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