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NE010: integrable 125kHz reader board for OEM RFID applications
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Product Description ____________________

NE010 is an integrable 125kHz RFID reader board, suitable for all system integrators. Based on the ASIC core IM016 and an Atmel 89C51 microcontroller, NE010 brings a straight-forward solution to system designers and integrators. By simply connecting a power supply and an adapted antenna, it reads all RFID tranponders compatible with EM4100 series (EM Marin). NE010 communicates trough RS232 and Wiegan serial interfaces.

Features ____________________________

Small size for easy integration in oem systems
Operating carrier frequency: 125kHz
Compatible with EM4001, EM4002 and EM4102 and other standard 125 KHz tags
Compatible with 64 bit read-only transponders with AM/ASK modulation, Manchester coding
Generation of a carrier frequency, fixed by two external components, an antenna and a tuning capacitor
Adaptive synchronization system to optimize tuning between reader and tags
Operating voltage: 9 to 24 VAC
RS232 or Wiegand Interface
Reading distance up to 50 cm

Applications __________________________
Base station remote reader system
OEM reader modules
Integrated reader systems

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