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SW161: High data-rate 433MHz receiver
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Product Description ____________________

SW161 is a fully integrated receiver circuit, designed for low to high data-rate wireless links or for secure radio communications. Operating in the European 433 MHz ISM band, it is intended for digital (ASK, FSK) modulations. SW161 is a widely configurable device which includes two internal local oscillators allowing multi - channel capabilities for complete and efficient use of the ISM band. A convenient digital serial port provides dynamic device configuration for accurate channel shift and smart consumption management. Together with SILWAY's SW220, it comes as a complementary part for fully integrated ISM receivers. 

Features ____________________________

· Fully Monolithic Integrated Receiver
· Supports the European 433MHz ISM band
· Supports Digital ASK, FSK modulations
· High sensitivity: -108dBm
· High Data Rate up to 128 kbps
· Internal PLL Frequency Synthesizer
· Designed to allow Multi Channel operation mode
· Dynamic configuration control
· No RF external components
· Tunning channel down to 25 kHz step
· High blocking immunity
· Single 2.7 - 3.3V power Supply with Power Down

Applications __________________________
· Wireless data link
· Wireless security systems
· Remote control
· Remote sensing

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