Capitalizing upon years of experience in microelectronics design and electronics development, ID MOS now offers extended services to serve each step of your projects. On-site consulting provides analog and digital developments as well as firmware and diagnostic services:

1. Design and tooling (dedicated to foundries):
a. Creation of foundry process design kits
b. Characterization of foundry process (extended temperature and/or specific environment)

2. Embedded software:
a. C, C++ , Assembler MicroChip,Motorola, Intel...
b. Micro-Controllers, .
c. Emulation

3. IPs and ICs development:
a. Design of IPs and specific digital blocks

b. Analog simulations (Pspice, Spectre, ...) and layout (Full custom, auto Place&Route, ...)
c. ASIC or PLD synthesis and implementation


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