are one of the latest technology for magnetic field sensing. Multiple application can be targetted such as Metering, Position sensing, rotary selection...etc... ID MOS offers MR and GRM sensors adapted to the specificity of your application.



Product Shortform

IM700: General purpose Magneto Resistor
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Product Description ____________________

IM700 is based on the Magneto Resistive (MR) technology. This single sensing element can be associated with other identical elements in order to build a custom magnetic sensors specific to your application. ID MOS also offers muti-chip modules where the MR element is integrated with the IC interfacing your system.

Features ____________________________

· Sensitivity to the direction
High immunity to strong disturbing fields
Temperature compensation
Integrable with an integrated circuit in one package

Applications __________________________

Rotation and linear sensor with large air gaps
Very-low fields detection
Angle encoders
Water metering
Contactless potentiometers
Incremental encoders
and many more.....


Package _____________________________
· Various


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