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SW220: ASK demodulator with ACG output
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Product Description ____________________

SW220 is an integrated discriminator designed for ASK receivers. Working with a standard input frequency of 10.7 MHz, it can withstand bit rates up to 256 kbps. SW220 also includes an imbedded AGC generating a controlled output current, specifically tailored to drive external variable gains. Together with SILWAY's SW161, it comes as a complementary part for fully integrated ISM receivers.

Features ____________________________

· ASK demodulation
· Typical carrier frequency: 10.7 MHz
· Data rate: up to 256 kbps
· Differential input sensitivity: 1mV
· Embedded AGC with controlled current output for external variable gains
· Power supply: 2.7-3.3 V

Applications __________________________
· Generic ASK demodulators
· Gain-contolled ISM demodulators
· SILWAY's SW161 based 433MHz receivers

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