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IM313: VME Bus interface controller
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Product Description ____________________

The IM313 is a monolithic VME controller functionally and pin-to-pin compatible with the obsolete VIC068A product, previously available from Cypress Semiconductors. It may be used either as a direct replacement to the VIC068A in existing applications to solve obsolescence issues or in new developments, taking the benefit of the additional optimizations implemented. The IM313 provides all VMEbus system controller functions plus many other features that simplify the development of VMEbus-based modules.

Features ____________________________
· Pin-to-pin compatible with the now obsolete VIC068A circuit (Cypress) with additional optimization of the external buffer control signals.
· Complete VMEbus interface Controller and Arbiter.
· Complete Master/slave capability.
· Interleave Block transfers support.
· Interrupt support.
· Arbitration support.
· Miscellaneous Features compliant with the VIC068A

Product versions__________________________
The current version of the product is the IM313B . This version is recommended for new designs. The former version IM313A remains available in production. The functional corrections implemented when moving from IM313A to IM313B are described in the IM313A datasheet under the "design considerations" chapter.


daon Download datasheet
daon Download datasheet


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