Asic Supply Chain

Full and partial Flow

Full production offering

ID MOS manages the whole production flow. The operations are followed up in real time, including the logistical flow and the Quality insurance.

Our mission is to produce. If you already carried out the development of your own IC(s), we may propose to perform its qualification and industrialization, and later on ensure the supply chain management including prototyping and pre-series. The circuit may be delivered with the same service and quality as if it had been designed in one of our Design Centers. Specific suppliers, pre-qualified or pre-selected on your side may be integrated in the production flow.

ID MOS SCM services involve a large choice of mixed-signal technologies ranging from 1µm down to 65nm, able to answer to most of the power-supply domains, high voltage, non-volatile and random-access memories and very low power consumption requirements.

The packaging is performed by our state-of-the-art partners, gathering the ability of Chip-On-Board (COB) and conventional plastic packaging such as DIP, SOP, QFB, SOT, LCC, BGA, QFN and all CSP variations. For harsh environments, ceramic packaging is proposed.

Partial flow

Using the flexibility of our SCM, we may also offer to manage for your account only particular manufacturing steps like wafer sourcing+probing or packaging+final test.

The test operations (probing and/or final test) may be realized under your specification. ID MOS will integrate your product in their logistical and Quality procedure.