Asic Supply Chain


We have been taking over the manufacturing of specific circuits for our customers for 15 years. Our holistic model of ensuring the cost-efficient production of long-lasting semiconductors according to different quantity requirements has proved itself in practice. High rates of on-time delivery and exceptional quality when supplying components are our strengths.
Industrial sustainability is our trademark. By a strict selection of used subcontractors and technologies, we guarantee the availability of all our ASICs during 10 years. For medical, air or rail transport applications, power plant control, for which life-time in operational conditions goes far beyond 20 years, we propose extension solutions. We also offer technological migration, portages and silicon storage in order to support your systems with enough units through their end-of-life period.

Last but not least, we keep an eye on strategic procurements with the duplication of each operation of the supply chain when possible; thus we are able to activate back-up solutions on demand in case of any force-majeure event.