About us

Know-how, Quality and Fexibility

ID MOS designs, industrializes and manages the production of application-specific integrated circuits featuring analog, digital and mixed-signal functionalities.

ASIC design and production is a matter of trust. For almost 20 years, we have been a trusted partner to our customers in varied application domains. Our expertise in designing mixed-signal microcircuits on proven technologies allows to design and produce specific (ASIC) or standard (ASSP) chips for multiple market segments: industrial automation, rail and air transport, sensor technologies, rugged environment and many more. These long-term partnerships reflect a high-level of technical expertise together with an industrial flexibility and responsiveness.

Together we work out the most optimized integrated solution for your application. We explore challenging and innovative ideas which provide your product with a strategic differentiating factor.

We are as efficient when dealing with small production batches as we are with large orders. An ultimate care is put with regard to Quality of our mixed-signal developments, shown by highly-experienced engineers. While most of our customers come to IDMOS for the advantage of an integrated solution from development to mass production, we offer a-la-carte alternatives including pure design services or partial supply-chain.