For ID MOS, the ISO 9001 certification ensures the application of robust ASIC design methodologies together with proved processes for supply-chain management. All our Production subcontractors are ISO9001, ISO14001 certified, and ISO/TS16949 for the most strategic ones.

Certificate :
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Environmental liability

ID MOS is committed to sustainability and responsibility in its entrepreneurial decisions. In addition to ethical obligations to which ID MOS is dedicated, the conformity to regulations and obligations of material usage in the production of integrated circuits is of great importance to us.

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Social Responsibility

ID MOS is committed to respect and promote the Social Responsibility approach (RSE) supported by SERMA Group whose values are based on 4 strategic lines:

  • Develop innovative products and processes in ensuring to minimize the environmental impacts
  • Forward to suppliers our own requirements and our customer requirements
  • Develop a powerful human potential, carrying the Group culture of integrity
  • Prioritize exchanges with the stakeholders, while ensuring them performances with regards to Quality, Security and Finance

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