ASIC design and production

Industrial, Consumer, Military ASIC

For more than 15 years, we have been addressing multiple demanding segments, which cross-fertilized our working methodologies. We gather a strong multi-domain expertise. Industrial segments such as transportation and harsh environments became one of our poles of excellence, with circuits dedicated to sensor signal acquisition, instrumentation and Systems-on-Chip.

Each ASIC is developed with the perspective of its later series production. ID MOS takes care of the whole industrialization and the manufacturing. We use long term partnerships with state-of-the art world-class suppliers chosen on such criteria as technologies long life time, quality and process control and cost effectiveness.

Our design may target a wide technology spectrum with nodes ranging from 1µm down to 65nm, including analog oriented process features and high-voltage capability. That allows the best process fit for a given IC, and also the most appropriate performance/cost trade-off.

Our ASICs are packaged by the IC assembly leaders, offering the availability of a large package collection starting from the old-fashioned DIP up to the most recent CSP packages, both in ceramic and plastic types.