Standard products

Capacitive sensing

PE 5004:

  • Sensing of up to 100 capacitive touch sensors
  • Controllable stimulation for wide spread of suitable sensor capacitance, layout and material
  • Highly sensitive, coatings of over 30mm possible
  • Very low acquisition time of 10ms for 100 sensors in a matrix
  • High resolution of 10bit for each sensor capacitive changes of less than 5fF detectable
  • Standby mode with programmable wake up intervals
  • Low operating current
  • Low-Power Mode for large Sensor shapes
  • Very low current during deep sleep (1μA)
  • No need for grounding of scanned object
  • No need for sampling capacitors or external resistors
  • High sensitivity to large parasitic capacitances
  • Very robust against noise
  • Temperature drift compensation
  • Multiple sensor arrays and PE5004 chips controllable with one μC

Download link: DS_PE5004.pdf

PE 5010:

  • 12Bit sigma delta converter
  • Two channels
  • Each channel has the possibility for differential or singled-ended measurements
  • Implemented calibration routine for both channels
  • Internal offset capacitance
  • SPI slave
  • Low conversation time
  • Possibility for external excitation frequency input
  • TSSOP16 package

Download link: DS_PE5010.pdf