Standard products

Redesign of standard IC

Standard components re-design to solve obsolescence problems.

On the basis of golden parts and the specification of the original component, ID MOS has the ability to re-design pin-to-pin replacements of obsolete products using up-to-date technologies, having the same function and form-factor. That approach is dedicated to catalog products and makes available for long years a “clone” of a component previously obsoleted (see below a list of available components developed in the course of that activity).

The methodology uses a validation on the target application through a mock-up board built around an FPGA, to be validated by our customers in their actual application environment.

The same approach may be used for FPGA portages or re-design of obsolete ASICs. The objective remains the same except that the input supplied by the customer may be much more comprehensive, including VHDL, netlists and test-bench. Please note that, in the specific case of FPGA portages, the re-programing feature cannot be available.

Such cloning of purely analog devices is also a possibility ID MOS may offer.

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