Upcoming production of a space radiation hardened optical coder ASIC for the company CODECHAMP
Mai 18

Following a cooperation started at the creation of IDMOS (2002) and several ASIC designs, the company CODECHAMP decided in 2012 to entrust the design of a space optical coder circuit to IDMOS, which aims at equipping satellites mechanisms. This development required the implementation of a hardened IDMOS library XH 0.35µm of XFAB, in collaboration with the CNES, based on elementary patterns from a “typical” XFAB manufacturing lot, approved in test vehicles and which allowed to reach radiation constraints of the space sector.

After achieving this ASIC and the radiation resistance tests being successful (101 krad – SEE at 62.5MeV.cm²/mg – Latchup free), the ESCC9000 final qualification will begin in the coming days. At the end of this operation (beginning of 2019), IDMOS will deliver dozens of flight models (FM) per year, for several years, starting in 2019.

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