ASIC “Application Specific Integrated Circuit”: it is a silicon microchip which is developed from a product specification. An ASIC is distinct from a « standard IC » proposed by traditional semiconductor manufacturers as it perfectly matches the application.
BIST “Built-in Self test”: it is an auto-test which is embedded in the microchip and allows in situ testing in operation.
ELFR “Early life failure rate”: it is the amount of youthful failing showed by a product
EOS “Electrical Over-Stress”: electrical stress suffered by a microchip when submitted to extreme voltages or currents compared to the ones of its normal operation. ESD is an example of EOS.
ESD “Electro Static Discharge” conducted to a microchip by man or machine. It can be by direct contact or by arcing in air.
EWS “Electrical Wafer Sort”: usually defines the electrical test using probing needles, which is performed on a microchip as it is in wafer form.
HAST “Highly accelerated stress test”: microchip test under high moisture environment
HTOL “High-temperature operating life” : test which determines the intrinsic reliability of a product. The microchip is tested, during a long time, in a temperature and voltage environment beyond its normal operating conditions.
SEE “Single Event Effect”: generic term which describes a functional hazard shown by a microchip when submitted to a ionizing particle.
SEFI “Single Event False Interrupt”: disturbance created by a ionizing particle and which alters the operation sequencing and can lead to an unexpected lock state.
SEL “Single Event Latch-up”: latch-up phenomenon when submitted to ionizing particles
SET “Single Event Transient”: disturbance created by a ionizing particle and which impacts the sensitive nodes of a microchip (analog functions,  combinatorial logic blocks …)
SEU “Single Event Upset”: disturbance created by a ionizing particle and which alters the states of memory-like devices (memories, Flip/Flops, Latches…)
TC “Thermal Cycling”: stress test between 2 temperatures which determines the thermal robustness of a technology