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Scope ________________________________________________________TOP PAGE__

Obsolescent electronic parts are causing more and more difficulties in managing maintenance of major electronics systems of the industrial world. A common way of keeping old infrastructures alive is to source and stock old parts which more often don't show any reliability guaranties. ID MOS offers multiple solutions to replace obsolete components by using a cloning method, adapted to quantities and technologies. ASIC and FPGA programs enable to replace old analogue, digital or mixed-signal ICs with the guaranty of equivalence and permanence with designs on reliable and up-to-date semiconductors processes.

Specificity of cloning a circuit: Unlike standard design methodology, cloning takes into account existing application facts which are very seldom likely to be modified. As such, ID MOS offers application-oriented IC designs, taking into consideration the circuit environment and interactions within existing old electronic boards. Finally, ID MOS cloning programs analyze specificities and behaviors of older silicon process in order to technologically adapt the new device. Then the cloned part interfaces identically with the original board components.


Solutions _____________________________________________________

ASIC programs
For mixed signal or analogue products, the cloning program can reach unexpected performances in the design of an IC's identical part. Thanks to open possibilities of full-custom ASICs, products are re-designed with a special care about technology behaviors and interaction. It is is THE solution to get your circuit its new identical twin.

FPGA programs
For pure digital products. This cloning program offers fast re-design of old microcntrollers and various digital components. Regardless of technology matching, FPGA-based cloning brings flexible and reactive solution to obsolescing issues.


IC cloning Methodology__________________________________________

ID MOS methodology covers a full scope of domains to explore in order to ensure that the cloned part will identically match the original application.

1. Architecture study

Bibliography: Gather all exsiting documents or evidences which can bring additional elements to the standard products datasheet.

Application study: Focus on the application architecture in order to detect specific elements such as off-spec design features, peculiar component use, special architecture implementations .

Technology study: Based on the original component, describes and characterize the specificities of the older technology in order to reproduce identical interfacing and behavior with board and peripheral electronics parts.

2. Design and prototyping phase
Standard circuit design and prototyping; including spec-based functional features and architecture analysis outputs items.

3. Post-validation design and foundry fabrication



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